you have 30 people at a conference table...
many of your attendees are calling into a phone...
full meeting record
you need to post your meeting on...

advanced media solutions is introducing our new "free breakout sessions package”

that’s right: ams has restructured its business model and can now provide you with real cost saving on all your av projects.

from now on, you will receive the free breakout sessions package at all of your events. that means:

- no charge for equipment for breakout  sessions, and

- no charge for labor for  breakout sessions.

no gimmicks here. the general session costs that ams charged in the past will remain the same, or in many cases will be lower than previous meetings. we have developed an innovative new business model, and we are changing the way we do business. ams can now save you thousands - even tens of thousands of dollars.

contact us to setup an appointment to find out how much you can save.

christine piontek at (224) 260-6096